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Cultivating A Winning Business Culture

The difference between strategy and execution is often business culture. While most competitors can copy a business strategy, a winning culture is not easily emulated.blue-sky

Winning companies recognize that employees seek more from their jobs than a paycheck. People want to be loyal to their employer and passionate about their contributions. Only a strong business culture, with values and beliefs that truly engage people, can deliver discretionary effort essential for seamless execution.

Winning cultures cannot be created by altering tangible business components such as reporting structures, technologies, systems, and work processes. Winning companies successfully adjust intangible business elements: how people perceive their roles, approach their jobs, and make choices on a daily basis. Cultural transformations alter organizational DNA forming the roots of corporate identity through: a) envisioning a compelling future state to which people aspire; b) embracing shared values and behaviors consistent with achieving a new vision; c) building new competencies essential for future success; d) ensuring workers at all levels see visible examples of desired behaviors; and e) reinforcing willingness to take risks through aligned incentives / reward systems that focus energy and discretionary effort on winning the race to sustainable business success.

Organization Innovation works with you to adjust deep seated business behavior patterns using four transformational elements: Framing, Aligning, Igniting, and Refreshing (FAIR):FAIR

  • Framing corporate mindsets to develop fresh mental models of what we are and what we can become; expanding corporate identity to infuse new visions, aspirations, and resolve
  • Aligning economic models, work processes, people roles & responsibilities, and reporting structures to create flawless execution securing sustainable business performance
  • Igniting growth through strategic focus, new business models and innovative technologies that change industry rules of competition, promote organic growth and stimulate competitive capability
  • Refreshing workforce capability to foster creativity, cultivate fresh competencies, generate energy, and restore esprit de corps

FAIR methodology installs fundamental business capabilities every company needs to thrive in the sustainable development world of the 21st century.

leading transformational change

Successful interventions recognize that people must first stop old behaviors before engaging in new behaviors. Rather than focusing immediately on new requirements, winning companies first address letting go of old ways of doing things. Although starting at the end seems counterintuitive to many, it is absolutely essential for changing the way people think about their work.

Our integrated transformational change methodology merges the FAIR model with participative change and project management approaches. We manage transformational change interventions in discrete stages, with each FAIR element operating iteratively within sequential process steps.

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