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Sustainable Enterprise Change Readiness Assessment

Sustainable companies measure business success using triple bottom line metrics for financial profitability, social equity, and ecological integrity. They have a culture committed to meeting today's needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

This tool measures organizational readiness to meet major challenges encountered in becoming a sustainable enterprise. To assess your organization's readiness to move to sustainable enterprise, rate the following 12 statements on a scale from 1 to 5, where:

  1. = Not CORE: this NEVER HAPPENS here
  2. = Somewhat Characteristic: this SELDOM HAPPENS here
  3. = Characteristic: this HAPPENS here
  4. = Very Characteristic; this FREQUENTLY HAPPENS here
  5. = Extremely Characteristic; this ALWAYS HAPPENS here
  1. ___ Senior leaders visibly support and communicate benefits of sustainable enterprise business practices
  2. ___ People here appreciate how embracing sustainable enterprise values will impact our company, businesses,         and jobs
  3. ___ People here agree about what does and does not need to change as we move toward sustainable enterprise
  4. ___ People here understand the scope and time requirements for becoming a sustainable enterprise
  5. ___ Managers typically recognize and address individual resistance to adopting sustainable enterprise business         practices
  6. ___ Management recognizes and rewards those leading and supporting the change to sustainable enterprise
  7. ___ People here respect and value those working to create a sustainable enterprise culture
  8. ___ Employees get time and support for learning new skills essential for future success
  9. ___ Managers rebalance job responsibilities of people assigned to change projects
  10. ___ Goals of sustainable enterprise efforts are aligned across company departments
  11. ___ People here are willing to share information and ideas to achieve the best results
  12. ___ We have high levels of trust and cooperation between management and employees at every level

Calculate Your Score: Total the 12 numbers assigned to each statement.? If your score equals:
55 to 60:    Change Master = primed and ready to handle major challenges
46 to 54:    Change Leader = likely to cope with challenges, with some bumps in the road
36 to 45:    Change Dilettante = proceed with caution; high risk of unrealized benefits
<36:           Change Novice = seek guidance from organizational change masters

NOT SATISFIED WITH YOUR SCORE? Contact Organization Innovation LLC at www.OrgOvation.com

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