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Developing Future Leaders

compassTomorrow's leaders must deliver seamless strategy execution, innovation and process excellence. They require intimate knowledge of value creation strategies, processes and systems operating within and across multiple geographic, business and functional boundaries. Executive capabilities developed soley through direct experience.

Organization Innovation LLC provides the following services and tools for preparing your next generation of leaders:

New Leader Transition Coaching: Bringing new leaders onboard is essential for business sustainabiity. Leaders "connecting" with employees can recharge an entire unit; those who cannot quickly alienate employees, customers or vendors. Building credibility with employees, peers and superiors facilitates successful integration and accelerates contributions to business success. We provide coaching and tools to:

  • Reduce time to reach "breakeven point" and move new leaders from value consumer to value creator
  • Ensure exposure to company culture
  • Provide consistency in personal interactions with boss, peers and direct reports
  • Encourage exploration of leadership and people management challenges in new role
  • Identify and align performance expectations (up, down & across)
  • Cultivate productive team relationships essential to delivering business success
  • Reinforce commitment to engagement, ownership and results orientation driving high performance organizations

Leadership Style Assessments: Interpersonal interaction skills are essential for successful leadership. We assess and coach leadership capability using the following tools:

  • Executive Competency Models
  • Leadership Styles
  • Interpersonal communication and influence styles
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Teambuilding (MBTA, LIFO, Social Styles)

bridgeBusiness Transformation Initiatives:? Business transformation initiatives provide unique opportunities for creating competitive advantages and simultaneously developing future leader capabilities. We partner with you to manage business performance capability development projects creating completive advantage through:

  • Utilizing business performance improvement opportunities to create challenging leadership development assignments demanding broader / deeper appreciation for what it takes to succeed in delivering sustainable value to customers while continuously improving productivity and shareholder value
  • Engaging future leaders in project roles that hone leadership skills in? generating cooperation and knowledge exchange across organizational boundaries
  • Creating teams of cross-functional experts (commercial, product development, and operations) to design and implement new business capabilities essential for achieving productivity, profitability, and organic growth targets
    • Ensuring broad knowledge requisite to optimal performance
    • Providing opportunities to broaden commercial, operational and functional perspectives
    • Improving cross-functional cooperation and business effectiveness
    • Transferring knowledge and experience across geographic, functional and business unit lines

Experiential Learning Tools

scaleThe Tipping Point Simulation engages change leaders in applying a radically new innovation diffusion model when implementing strategic business initiatives.

  • Adapted from lessons learned in public health
  • Reframes change as contagious spread of new ideas
  • Clarifies factors sustaining "word of mouth" epidemics
  • Promotes systems thinking in implementation plans
  • Provides new language for managing major changes
  • Accommodates 12-36 participants leading major change initiatives

Relentless Enterprises, Inc. engages teams of leaders in making simulated financial decisions determining overall company success or failure.

  • Elicits real management behaviors in real time
  • Forces leaders to face the impact of personal choices on optimizing vs. sub-optimizing company-wide performance
  • Fosters application of systems thinking to collaboration dynamics
  • Illustrates interdependencies among people engagement variables
  • Provides insights into managing trust, cooperation, goal setting, reward systems and risk-taking within your business enterprise
  • Accommodates 12-24 innovation leaders in management roles

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