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Cultivating Innovation Capability

lightbulbSuccessful business innovation requires more than just inventing new products, services or technologies. Innovative approaches only add value when converted into revenues and profits. While creative ideas are essential to successful innovation, no single individual can innovate alone.

Organization Innovation LLC recognizes that bringing new ideas to market is predominantly a social process, requiring alignment of multiple players and priorities across disparate business functions. We move companies beyond mechanical project management of technical solutions, creating deep innovation capability to manage human interactions (opportunity identification, problem solving, cross-disciplinary information metabolism, etc.) essential for converting creative insights into revenues and profits.

Whether you embrace a proprietary business or open-source approach, we provide the innovation tools needed to bring your new products, services or technologies from concept to market.

Innovation Capability Audit: define and diagnose product & process innovation capabilities, including:

  • Innovation portfolio management processes and roles
  • Stage gate product/service development processes and tools
  • Organization "ownership" for all innovations needed to create growth
  • Allocation of cross-functional resources with clear prioritization and decision rights needed for optimal execution

Outcome-Driven Innovation: apply transformational methodology to convert innovation from an unfocused art to rigorous discipline cultivating breakthrough capability in delivering products & services:

  • Reframe innovation strategy processes and tools
  • Identify underserved markets/segments
  • Target & prioritize growth opportunities
  • Devise and deliver breakthrough concepts creative disruptive change
  • Cultivate unique customer value propositions securing profitable growth

Innovation Summits: engage key decision makers in defining joint innovation opportunities that create sustainable competitive advantages for multiple value chain partners, including:

  • Innovation partner capability assessments
  • Identification and analyses of under-served markets
  • Identification and prioritization of profitable growth opportunities
  • Value differentiation analyses
  • Joint development commitments

Organizational Appetite for Innovation: assess company receptivity to new ideas and business practices; useful in predicting:

  • overall comfort with developing & implementing new business models
  • willingness to take risks (tolerance) in creating incremental and/or disruptive technologies
  • willingness to take risks (tolerance) in adopting new processes and tools required to execute in the marketplace

Individual Appetite for Innovation: assess employee receptivity to new ideas and business practices; useful in identifying innovation team members:

  • open to new ideas or ways of thinking
  • willing to step "out-of-the-box" when generating new solutions
  • eager to improve work processes and tools
  • comfortable with recommending new practices generating incremental / exponential business growth


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