Cultivating Innovation Capability

Successful business innovation requires more than just inventing new products, services or technologies. Innovative approaches only add value when converted into revenues and profits. While creative ideas are essential to successful innovation, no single individual can innovate alone. Organization Innovation LLC recognizes ... more>

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SUCCESS STORIES: Gulf Coast petrochemical refining facility

A Gulf Coast petrochemical refining facility experienced significant deterioration in operational performance during late 2006.  Reduced production capacities created product shortages, missed customer deadlines, and revenue shortfalls undermining senior management and shareholder confidence in site management capability. [ read more ]

Workforce Capability Development

Sustainable twenty-first century business performance demands organization-wide capability to execute processes delivering value to customers and stakeholders. Companies delivering exceptional business value have learned to capture the minds and hearts of employees, thereby harnessing the discretionary effort essential to propelling the entire organization into the future. [ read more ]

Sustainable Development

Just being profitable, just delivering excellent service, or just fulfilling your mission is insufficient in the new century. Sustainable companies integrate economic, social and environmental goals into business models & strategies, ensuring capability to achieve multiple targets while simultaneously increasing long-term value to all stakeholders and shareholders. [ read more ]

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